»»»»»» book - European Wooden Shoes, their history and diversity


This book gives an overview of European wooden shoes with all their various shapes and decorations. Until now such an overview has not been published in one book. Dutch, Spanish and German publications provide extensive information about the profession of wooden shoe maker, the tools and the social circumstances in this trade.
With the exception of the Spanish publication, these books do not pay much attention to the wooden shoes itself.
The design of wooden shoes differs in each European country, in each village and even by each wooden shoe makerbook

The names of the wooden shoe makers who made the shoes described in this book, are not mentioned, but partly available in the archive of the museum.
For 10 years I managed the collection and documentation of the museum, composed exhibitions and guided visitors through the museum with much pleasure.
During those years I have been granted with much knowledge about wooden shoes. As many traditional shapes and decorations of wooden shoes are disappearing nowadays.
I hope this book will contribute to the recognition of the wooden shoes which are still available.


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